Holy Observance

June 16, 1972

Sr. Margaret Mary, S.S.C.M.

150 S. 5th Avenue

Kankakee, Illinois 60901

Der Sister Margaret Mary:

Pardon my long delay in answering your Christmas greeting last year and the accompanying letter with news that touched my heart. One of the reasons of my delay is because I have been sick since early December up to May. You letter brought me so may and so holy memories of your communities in Manteno, Momence, Beaverville and Kankakee: those gold years under the saintly Mother St. Emily as Provincial, thirty-four, thirty thee and thirty-two years ago. Your communities were just Heaven on earth. St. Mary Mediatrix was such a gift of God for your community. How I recall you, Sr. Margaret Mary, as a sacristan and an organist. Sister St. Eugene, your wonderful, sweet and mild and saintly Superior. Sr. Mary Catherine, getter her degrees, and a geat light in spirituality and knowledge of the spirit of your Congregation. The soldier-like Sister St. Sebastian. What a consolation it was for me to visit you weekly as a confessor, and all the others, so good each in her own way. It was your golden era, the best ever in the history of your community in Manteno. The community in St. Patrick’s Academy in Momence, under the wonderful Mother Rosemary, matching your own community of Manteno, with great examples in their observance of the religious life. Kankakee, with Mother St. Clare, with so may holy subjects. ┬áBeaverville, with Rev. Mother St. Emmily, leading her Province at its zenith of holy observance. Mother St. Thomas, Mother Viator, Sr. Mary Bernard and so many, so many others, so exemplary. No doubt that Sr. Mary Mediatrix was the greatest gift to your Province from the Merciful Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

May I recommend to your prayers two new Congregations that I have founded in Fatima, Portugl, where i am going to be for three years. One is semi-contemplative, called Missionaries of Perpetul Adortion of the Most Blessed Sacrament and of Perpeutal Venertion of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The other is the Missionary Daughters of St. Anthony Mary Claret.

Do extend my best regards to everyone of the Sisters. At that time I was thirty-four years old, and I am going to be, on June 21st, sixty-seven. Half of my life has passed since then. But the influence of Sr. Mary Mediatrix did change my life completely. I believe that many of you Sisters were also transformed the rather short time that she lived with you and died among you. Let us be most grateful to her and faithful to the principles for which she lived.

Thank you so much for your lettter. Pardon my long delay. My best to every one of the Sisters of the Holy Heart of Mary. They tell me that your Cogregation is not the same any more. How sad it is. I do love your Congregation regardless, and pray for you all.

Your former confessor and spiritual director,

(signed) Fr. Aloysius Ellacuria, C.M.F.

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3 Responses to “Holy Observance”

  1. Mary Mingo says:


    Very beautiful!, my sentiments exactly about a lot of observances; and why I had wanted the good fathers spiritual direction myself…..
    Gods Love From The Immaculate Heart of Mary; Mary Mingo…

  2. Mary Mingo says:


    Very beautiful!, my sentiments exactly about a lot of observances;
    and why I wanted the good fathers spiritual direction myself….

    Gods Love from The Immaculate Heart of Mary; Mary Mingo.


    Por este medio pido y ruego a santa maria siempre virgen y su imaculado corazon hoy 8 de diciembre interseda ante el todo poderoso para la beatificacion del padre aloysius y tambien que vendiaga a los amigos del padre aloysius especialmente al Rev.padre Kevin Manion ya que es un defensor de la fe y ,tuve el gusto de colaborar con el en la iglecia de san marcos texas hace 5 a├▒os de el cual recuerdo su integridad como confesor,saserdote y ser humano .que la santisima virgen maria imaculada proteja siempre y en todo momento a sus hijos saserdotes y vendiga por su intersecion a las familias de todos los saserdotes del mundo entero. VIVA CRISTO REY Y SANTA MARIADE GUADALUPE

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